mentoring planWe know from experience that businesses leaders regularly face stressful or challenging situations. They often need to balance the short-term demands of dealing with today’s customer requirements with the long-term challenge of delivering tomorrow’s growth and profit improvement targets.

They may be looking for new customers and to break into new markets. They may be dealing with internal cultural issues or simply recognise that some members of the senior management team are stretched and would benefit from some support.

Business leaders will often have ideas on how to address these issues, however a Mentor will bring a fresh pair of eyes and a wealth of experience and techniques to help develop the most effective response for you and your business.

David Bailey works with business owners, chief executives and other senior leaders in organisations of all sizes.  Our clients value sharing and exploring ideas in confidence, challenging and thought-provoking discussion, and our robust and considered guidance based on relevant experience.

Case Study – Mentoring

David Bailey has provided a range of mentoring services. These include;

  • Executive 1-2-1 Mentoring - of the Operations Director of a mid-cap aerospace supplier across a two year period. Regular mentoring sessions enabled the mentee to develop the foundations of a strategic business planning process and annualised objectives. The mentee was supported to communicate the process to all employees and to engage the workforce in contributing to achieving the strategic direction.
  • Process Confirmation – a series of planned reviews with an organisation, to check, with a fresh pair of eyes that,
    • Processes are controlled with defined and documented standards.
    • Operators are trained, assessed and audited against the standard on a regular basis.
    • Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People (SQCDP) boards are utilised to monitor local area performance and identify improvement opportunities.
    • Local area measures are clearly aligned to business strategy.
    • Workplace organisation tools are utilised proactively to drive efficiency and safety and contribute to process improvement activities.
    • An effective problem-solving process is in place
    • The organisation utilises a structured maintenance programme to support availability and performance.
  • Strategy Away Days – our support is pragmatic and can be as simple as a single day of support to develop insight and promote discussion at your strategy away day. We can support the senior management team or board through the provision of our insight into the key issues impacting the sector (e.g. markets and customers, aircraft programmes, technology strategy, supply chain competitiveness).
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