consulting visionOur work on numerous supply chain development programmes has shown us that many companies in the aerospace supply chain have not been able to deploy strategy into all levels of the business ensuring that all teams and individuals genuinely understand how they contribute to the direction of the company.

Aerospace Consulting can support companies in the supply chain to ensure that they have all the key elements of the strategic business planning process in place.

  • The development of a vision and mission statement that defines the long-term business aspiration across a 3-to-5-year period. Support to senior management to be able to explain the vision to all employees and external stakeholders.
  • Development of the strategy using appropriate tools and techniques such as Porter’s Five Forces, PESTEL and SWOT analysis, core competency / make vs buy analysis, competitor analysis, and technology roadmaps. Planning assumptions are documented.
  • There is a documented and published strategic business plan, with clear goals and strategic activity requirements, that shows how the vision will be delivered over 3-5 years. The strategy clearly shows how future turnover targets will be derived (differentiated between firm and fixed orders, and assumptions and projections).
  • An annualised business plan is aligned to the clear goals and strategic activity requirements that need to be delivered each year, typically broken down into areas - by senior management team leaders or by department/function. The annualised business plan links business actions and further continuous improvement activity to financial results.
  • A more integrated/formal approach to management reviews whilst strengthening organisational structure and senior management team capabilities in financial, commercial, supply chain and business planning.
  • The goals and activities for each area are aligned and mutually supportive to deliver the overall strategic intent.
  • Individual objectives can be clearly linked back to the achievement of the strategic goals. Policy deployment to be initially targeted at senior management level with annualised objectives, incentivisation models and leadership/technical growth and development.

The Strategic Business Planning Process

Strategic Business Planning Process

At Aerospace Consulting we know that companies with a robust strategic business plan are more likely to deliver against their objectives and to win new work. This is because they have understood their competitive advantage and they have identified new business development opportunities.

Business Development

Business Development is a process and not a fast and easy solution, but many companies in the aerospace supply chain can start to accelerate their growth if they can answer the following questions:

  • Do you understand your core competencies? What do you make, or what service do you provide, for your customers today? Are you sure you are doing the right things, are you adding value? Are there opportunities to add new products and services to your portfolio?
  • Do you know your differentiators? What singles your organisation out from your competitors? Are you investing in innovation and technology?
  • Do you know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses? What do you have to do, to outperform your peers?
  • Do you know how you are perceived in the market by your customers? How do you build, manage and leverage relationships with existing and future customers?
  • How do you position your organisation with potential customers? Where do you promote your brand?
  • Do you have the methods, tools, and resources to identify new opportunities, build relationships with new customers and win new work?

Aerospace Consulting has the knowledge and experience to help you build your business development capability with strategy, execution, and results.

Innovation and Technology

Aerospace Consulting can advise companies on how best to develop and use technology to meet their business objectives. Companies can be innovative in their products, processes, and services to enable them to enter new markets, improve performance, reduce costs, and win new business.

Our Technology Consultancy includes.innovation light bulb

  • Technology Strategy – We will review your existing technology strategy and make recommendations based on our own industry experience and insight. If organisations do not yet have a technology strategy, we can help companies to develop their first technology roadmap.
  • Technology Funding – We can help organisations access government funding for research and technology projects through help with the development of consortia, advice on what makes a good proposal, and support for the project management capability required to deliver the project.
  • Technology Management – For those companies with a portfolio of projects, we can help organisations develop a gated technology management process. The stage-gate process supports innovative new ideas from launch to implementation through a series of reviews that continually monitor and adjust project delivery in line with changing market demands and resources. Success rates for new technologies are typically improved by 30% when actively managed through a gated process.

Whilst many aerospace companies have developed their project and risk management capability, technology management requires additional knowledge and experience. For example, technology gate reviews evaluate both project progress and future plans for,

  • Strategic fit
  • Market feasibility
  • Technology readiness to be transferred.

in addition to plan status, resource requirements, and milestones and deliverables completed.

Gate Reviews are event-driven evaluations from a business perspective that provide a clear and consistent decision-making process for,

  • Making go/no-go decisions at critical junctures of the project
  • Authorising new projects and allocating resources for these projects
  • Empowering project teams to execute project plans.

They help the Senior Management Team to make high quality decisions based on clear unambiguous questions,

decision making process

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