Aerospace Consulting is a specialist management consultancy supporting Government, local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and the private sector in delivering local economic growth.

We have a detailed understanding of not just the Aerospace and Defence Sectors but also the wider Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Sector. We can support the development of local industrial strategy, innovation eco-systems, skills planning and supply chain studies.

We understand the foundations for productivity in the UK;

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Case Study – Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and the Lancashire Aerospace Task Force

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership is a business-led strategic collaboration charged with leading the economic growth strategy for Lancashire.  It is a public-private sector partnership that spans its whole geography – the only existing strategic body that truly represents the whole of Lancashire. It has a responsibility to look at the county through an economic lens and shape the right interventions at scale to secure strong economic and inclusive growth for all of its communities.

Consequently, in response to the global economic shock arising from Covid19, Lancashire Enterprise Partnership has put in place a major collaboration with businesses across all its key priority sectors to secure a rapid and proportionate response to the crisis, especially given how clear it was at the outset that different sectors were being impacted in very different ways. 

As part of that work, the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership’s Advanced Manufacturing Group contracted Aerospace Consulting to facillitate an Aerospace Task Force to respond to the specific needs of the sector, particularly those operating within civil aircraft production. This Task Force was made up of many of the key aerospace companies across Lancashire’s aerospace supply chain.

The Lancashire Aerospace Recovery Plan is the culmination of a series of roundtable sessions and individual business interviews led by Aerospace Consulting.  The recommendations in the Recovery Plan are therefore evidence-led, backed by industry and based on forensic analysis of the emergent impact of Covid 19 and the scope and ability of the sector to respond. The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership will work with Government and local partners to build strong support and action to deliver the Lancashire Aerospace Delivery Plan. 

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