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David Bailey’s “Aerospace Industry Flight Deck - Intelligence and insight into the current state of the Aerospace and Military Air Sectors” – June 2020

cockpit threeThis presentation provides an update on the impact of the pandemic on global markets and share prices. There is a focus on how government restrictions on air travel are impacting both the aviation and commercial aerospace sectors.

Programme rates are presented for each of the Airbus and Boeing aircraft along with the corresponding engines. A view of the impact of the pandemic on UK government spend on military programmes is also provided. The author also provides an overview of the Aerospace Growth Partnership Heads of Procurement Roundtable Meeting that he attended to discuss how customers and suppliers can work together to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain. The presentation finishes with the authors view of how the industry will transition through 4 phases as a result of the pandemic; response, stabilise, recover and grow. The author’s recommendation to business is to focus on the immediate tasks of reviewing the 5 year strategy, updating the annual business plan and investing in Sales & Operations Planning capability to build resilience to cope with the pandemic.

David Bailey's Aerospace Industry Flight Deck - June 2020 (PDF)

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